Friday, October 30, 2015

Discovery Time

This week we were enjoying our Discovery Time session with puppets, shell pictures, duplo blocks, tye dying, and planting seeds. Our focus this week was on being creative!

Discovery Time 30-10-15 from Hope School on Vimeo.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Discovery Time

This week at Discovery Time our focus was to 'think about the choices we make before we make them'
Our activities were: Marble Races, Construction with boxes, Having a Tea Party, "A what can you do with this stuff " table, and Balloon Rockets.
At the "What can you do with this stuff " table, we were pretending to be see what we could create. This was a lot of week we want to call this our "Inventors Table"
At the construction table today there was some very big creations made!
Unfortunately the weather was a bit wet and cold so our tea party had to be held under cover but it was still awesome.
As for the Balloon Rockets... well these were a huge hit with the boys, a lot of working together needed. There is a separate video clip of Balloon Rocket Fun......Enjoy.

A very cute visitor

Evangeline from Room 4 came in this morning to show us her new little puppy, 'Sprocket'. He was very cute. He had a toy Kiwi and he liked to chew on our shoes.
Thanks Evangeline for bringing him in to Room 3.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Masked Parade 2015

Oh what fun we had at the Masked Parade on Friday night.

Our Monster Stories

This week we made some monsters (they are very small about 5 cm tall at the most)
Then we wrote stories about them. We are learning to use describing words....

My monster is scary

My monster is happy. Her name is Rose.  She likes to garden.

My monster eats people and he never gets sick and he eats other monsters.

My monster is a spy, “Do you know how he can spy”?...He is invisible.

My monster can scare people and it can gobble people. It can float on water. It looks like a slushy monster.

My monster can hear people and gobble people up.

My monster is a very angry bull. It’s got shiny spots all over it. Its name is Mr Spotty. It can do dance moves.

My monster is happy. It hugs people.

My monster has sloshy slime feet, 5 legs and it gobbles up rubbish.

My monster has horns. My monster can turn invisible it’s a ghost. It can go through walls.

I have a slushy and mushy green monster. It is a girl.

My monster looks like a scary ghost off packman. It scrunched up slimy monsters.

My gooey monster is stupid like crazy.
It zoomed around lazering. His power is transforming.

Friday, October 16, 2015

101 Dalmatians

 A new term and a few more children added to Room 3. Can you spot the new additions??
This is our costume and masks for this Friday's masked Parade. The masked parade is always very entertaining....hope to see you there.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Mr Pritchard Retires from Hope School

After 31 years of being Principal of Hope School, it is time for Mr P to relax and enjoy his next adventure. Thank you Mr P for all you have done for the children, community and staff at Hope School