Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lots of learning again during Discovery Time.

This week we were learning to share equipment and take turns...
Our activities included: making paper darts, making sandwiches, mixing paint, and drawing pictures in shaving foam.
Making paper darts was interesting as we only had one computer on which to watch the instructions...this meant lots of sharing and working together so that everyone could see the instructions and follow along with them at the same time.  Isn't it frustrating when other people take longer to absorb visual instructions than others....but these are life skills we need to come to terms with as we grow up. Waiting and being patient are characteristics we often need when we are learning to share.
Making sandwiches also proved frustrating (for some) as they found spreading margarine or their choice of spread difficult. might be time for your children to be making their own sandwiches at home??!! This is a great opportunity to practise their fine motor skills.
Overall another fantastic Discovery Time with some awesome learning opportunities.



This year I was reminded by another teacher (Miss Shaw in Room 4) of a programme I used to use regularly in my classroom. But in the busyness of teaching and learning about new things, tools, modern fads and new technologies, I had completely forgotten about it. However I blew the dust of it and have been using it almost every day.
The programme is called 'Autopilot'  it is basically a rote-learning programme with a heavy emphasis on reciting. It is designed to give daily practise in basic word knowledge, numeracy skills, literacy skills and general knowledge eg. colours, days of the week, months of the year...
The idea is that eventually the children are able to run the programme by themselves...., I think we are nearly there, I could very well be out of a job soon! Take a look....Roll-over Mrs Ross, Hannah is the new teacher in Room 3.
"This is gorgeous"


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Slippers for Warm Feet

As with many of the schools in our community we were also donated some hand knitted slippers for our junior rooms here at Hope School.
We are very grateful to the group of ladies for their expert knitting skills and the children are very happy with their nice warm slippers.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Maori Action Songs

Yesterday Room 3 and 4 joined together with their Room 1 buddies and practised some Maori songs. We have all been learning the names of our body parts in maori...have a look...


Monday, May 18, 2015

Zion Reading

Have a listen to Zion reading his book today... he was trying out a little microphone to see how clear his reading would sound. He is learning to make his reading sound like talking.  Just click on this link    Click Here  and scroll down to click on the green arrow (make sure your sound is turned up).

Friday, May 15, 2015

Discovery Time Week 4

This weeks activities were: marble art, construction with boxes, coloured rice, working with tweezers, make a train track for our trains, and create a tall tower with blocks.
 The boys had a great time with the train set:

There was a couple of very tall towers and some very creative 'marble art' (Marble art, is just using a marble, paint, and a box).

Great Tower is taller than you!

                                                                             Marble Art




We have been learning to measure things using different objects as our measuring tools.
One of the things we measured was our classroom teddies. First we drew around the teddies and then measured how long or wide they were. We also measured ourselves and other things around our classroom.


Week 3 Discovery Time

Mrs Ross was away for Discovery Time in week 3 but we had Ms Symes look after us for a week and she set up some fun and interesting Discovery activities.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Buddy Time

Today at Buddy Time we planted Poppy seeds with our big Room 1 Buddies. We put them into little biodegradable pots and planted them into some freshly dug over soil.
Now we just need to wait to see the beautiful blooms.


Using Tellagami to retell our Reading

These children worked completely independently to help each other create a Tellagami. Today they were trying out a hand held microphone.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Discovery Time Week 2

This weeks Discovery activities were...Stacking Cups, Autumn Leaf Pictures, Wood work, Playdough, and Painting a Mural.


A group of boys really got into the Cup Stacking. It was such an amazing learning activity for these boys...Problem Solving, Working together, Fine Motor skills, Discussion, Mathematical Thinking, Questioning, Sharing ideas, Listening to the ideas of others, and possibly more....
Take a look at this slide show to see how it all came about.
Oh don't you just love Discovery Time!!