Sunday, August 13, 2017

Discovery Time T3 Wk 3

Our activities this week were Spinning tops, Marble tracks, Slime, Puppets and Ping Pong Fun. 
We were learning about "Playing Fairly"

How many ways can you make the number......

This week some chidren were looking at ways of splitting a number into two parts.
They used a story of frogs in a pond and on a rock to show and record their findings.
Here are some of the photos they took for number 8. They found 9 different ways.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Discovery Time T3 Wk 2

This week some of the children have been learning how to add and subtract using a number line... so at Discovery Time today we had the number line out. A few  children chose to made up their own story showing adding and subtracting. Apologies for the loud background noise. But Discovery time cam be noisy.


The other activities on during discovery time were...painting, making farms with blocks and plastic animals, playing with hoops and hair chalk.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Discovery Time Term 3 week 1

At discovery time today we tried out an amazing Makey Makey set. This was very special as it meant we could play music using bananas and mandarins or even playdough! A great lesson in electric currents.
The other activities were: Making a shark picture collage, Making prints with playdough, Magnets, stick puppets and target shoot.
This term our Life Skill is Participating and Contributing and today we were focusing we can use our words to 'join in', or 'approach' a game we would like to be involved in.

A visit from a week old baby lamb

This morning Fletcher and his mum brought in their pet lamb. So cute!


More clay fun

Last term we made clay pinch pots and some of us also made a coil pot. They were all sent to be fired at one of our local potters and now they are yesterday we were able to paint them.